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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Yes! Score one for sanity!

"U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero struck down a provision of the Patriot Act that authorizes the FBI to force Internet service providers and phone companies to turn over certain customer records. The companies are then barred from ever disclosing the search took place."

"The judge said the law violates the Fourth Amendment because it bars or deters any judicial challenge to the government searches, and violates the First Amendment because of its permanent ban on disclosure is a prior restraint on speech."

Remember those new rules that allow the government to do secret searches that can't be challenged in court? Let's see... what did they call it? Oh yeah, "The Patriot Act"! That way, anyone who noticed it violated the Bill of Rights could be called "Unpatriotic" (a term applied to anybody who disagrees with this fascist administration). I have found that I am perfectly comfortable with loving my country and hating what Bush & Co. is doing to it.

This will be a minor setback for Ashcroft, who seem to want to "have something" on everybody. Just what the ruling will do to slow this administration's mad rush to "InfoRape" us all, we will just have to wait and see. It's a small, but important, step back from the brink of Civil War II.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Not Qualified for Office.

Today, I will espouse some thoughts about our "Leadless Fuehrer" and his cronies. Now, I have nothing against Bush, personally. I know several very nice idiots and George would fit right in. What bothers me is having my Constitutional rights trampled by someone who was appointed by the "taco-supreme court" (small letters to show my level of respect).

Here is how I see it:

GOOD: G. W. would probably make a damn fine drinkin' buddy!
BAD: He is way too stupid to be the Prez.
GOOD: He has surrounded himself with intelligent people!
BAD: These are dangerous fascists who would make better dictators than public servants.
GOOD: A lot of people are starting to see through all the lies and manipulations this administration has perpetrated to keep the money flowing to their rich buddies.
BAD: A lot of people don't!

It is scary how many folks are welcoming George Orwell's "Big Brother" with open arms and closed little minds. Do you want the government to have control over every little thing you do?

Worse, yet, is the "Thought Police" mentality! Being arrested and punished for crimes that you MIGHT commit! I am an adult who will occasionally take a bottle of wine to a dinner party. If the bottle is opened but not finished, I cannot take it back home without risking arrest because I "might consider drinking it while driving"!!! If I'm driving drunk, throw the book at me, but don't arrest me for being capable of irresponsible behavior!

In California, if I pick up my wife's prescription and am walking home with it, I can be charged with possession of controlled substances and automatically loose my driver's license for 6 months! Where is the driving connection, here?

There are countless examples of "thought crimes" being prosecuted in this country. This is only a tiny slice of that pie. Let's get back to a mind-set of responsible behavior being legal and irresponsible behavior being punished.

Doesn't that make more sense?

Monday, September 27, 2004

Welcome to InfoRape

Inforape is the gathering of personal information, by government agencies, for the express purpose of building a dossier on law-abiding citizens. (Notice the small "c" in citizen? More on this in another entry.) This growing tendency of government to want control of every aspect of life is intolerable and after being thourghly "inforaped", I feel so dirty about volunteering any information, ever again!

Having said that, I will continue this blog for as long as I can... or until the Jack-booted authorities break into my computer and scramble my hard drive. Or, perhaps they will just break down my door and take the thing! I hear that assasination of embarrassing people is a new favorite solution in government circles. (Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights are only for the "haves" and the "have mores", as "President Select Bush" likes to call his privileged few.)

I recently found out that homeless people cannot get a driver's license or a Post Office Box unless they lie about having a permanent residence on the applications. I guess all those displaced hurricane victims in Florida had better turn in their Driver’s Licenses and cancel their Post Office Boxes, or risk arrest!

More rants later...